Howdy there, my first name is Helen and I have been the individual behind this site. I like writing about real estate investing.

I began as a newbie much like you and had nearly nil success in my investments. Actually, my very first two property purchases were a total failure. I lost greater than I gained. However, I didn’t fully understand most of the advice I’m presently talking about on this website, consequently the failure was anticipated from a holistic stance.

After dabbling in the property investment world at first with no success, I determined to succeed. I finally became determined to for no reason throw in the towel regardless of the size of the difficulties I encountered. I decided to try once again but this time more seriously, and attempt for a second time I actually did.

Now here comes the best part. I experienced incredible success after delving into the real estate investment world to get all the expertise I had to have to attain something big. I began making profits big time, all by means of that determination to not simply gain the necessary information I needed, but as well as to realize success. My first failure also played an important function in my success. It was a learning experience in my situation.

When I’m not here posting, I’m more often than not attending meetings, gatherings, and heading programmes. Any time I’m at home, I spend time with my spouse and children. We are one big completely happy family.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss my knowledge in order to help you benefit from my 5-year experience without spending a dime.